Trying to get pregnant for 6 months: what's wrong?

Kvinne 29 . 08 Februar 2022

I have been trying to get a baby for the last 6 months its not happening

Kvinne (29)
Fagperson svarer

This is quite normal, and it takes on average more time than you'd expect to get pregnant (70-100 intercourses on average in some studies). For a women your age (under 35 years) it's normal to give it a year of trying with regular intercourses (without contraceptives) before more tests/examinations are considered. There are some things you can do to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Book an appointment with your GP (fastlege) if you have more questions regarding your specific situation or if you don't get pregnant within a year after you start trying (regular intercourse without contraceptives).

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Fastlegen, SiO Helse

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